Do you have MS Office installed on your computer?

If so, you can AUTOMATE any business process in your company. You do not need to purchase expensive liecenses for complex software. Try applying automate to your business needs and you will distinguish the much more improved results.

Contact us and we will help you create a custom application that fits your business needs using MS Access, which is a part of MS Office. The application will belong to you and it will not need a license. It will work at your request. Call us, we will come to you and help you turn your work routine to the quick and easy process.

Do you need an INEXPENSIVE and simple solution for your buissness data administration? If so, then we are your solution.

How does it look?


Your data can interact with other sources of information you work with. Thus, you can simplify your workflows, support existing processes with new possibilities for data analysis, and manage them automatically.


You can split your complex workflows to few smaller parts, charge different people who can work in the new application simultaneously.

Workflow Automation

You can simplify any workflow where an algorithm exists, make it more manageable and controllable by applying automation using MS Access.

Improve your Accounting

Figure out  the safety of your money by taking into automated cash flow reports. By using these reports, it will allow you to make the movement of money transparent in the context of:

  • types of business products or services
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • employees

Inventory control

Automated inventory control will provide you with the upgraded level of safety. Systematic and well-maintained database will quickly help you review your inventory from different points of view. You will be able to publish your records and reports online, use it in the online store or catalog.

What we suggest:

  • Create a custom tool using MS Access
We will help you understand how and what you need to automate. We will consider with your business requirements, develop your custom application and teach you how it works.

  • Maintenance and support
We will not abandon you and will support your product. We will also be assisting you with the installation of the application on other computers, take the responsibility of  training  your employees and also adapt the program to new versions of MS Office.
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